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What to Buy from Beauty Pie

What to Buy From Beauty Pie: Beauty Pie Review Beauty Pie best products beauty pie dupes

This Beauty Pie review is a partnership with Beauty Pie. All views and imagery are entirely my own and all opinions on what to buy from Beauty Pie, Beauty Pie best products and the things I didn’t love are in no way influenced by the brand.

Beauty Pie is the cult beauty membership club taking the industry by storm. The premise is really simple; you pay a small membership fee each month and in return you get access to exclusive luxury make up, skincare and beauty products for a fraction of the high street retail price. By cutting out the middle man and the fancy packaging mark ups, Beauty Pie offers top quality products for less. So you may be wondering what to buy from Beauty Pie? I signed up and ordered a selection of Beauty Pie’s best products (or at least, the most popular). I’ve been using these products daily for a month now. Below are my unfiltered thoughts on each!

CORONAVIRUS PAYMENT HOLIDAY: Beauty Pie membership fees are waived for the duration of the pandemic. This applies to new members too! Pay your first month and then fees are frozen until further notice. Get £50 extra spending allowance with BETHSENTME.

Beauty Pie Best Products


How does Beauty Pie work?

Beauty Pie’s membership structure is actually really simple but it wasn’t until I placed an order that I truly got it. You pay a monthly membership fee and that equates to a spending allowance. £5 membership equals £50 monthly spending limit. £10 equals £100. £20 equals £200, right up to £99 a year annual membership with £100 monthly allowance and special bonuses.

The spending limit is the value of products you’re able to order, not the price you will pay. That’s the bit that took me some time to get my head around! It almost seemed too good to be true. For example; the Flash False Lash Mascara which typically costs £20 will cost you £4.92. The £20 will come out of your spending allowance, the £4.92 is the price you actually pay for the item at check out. Comprende? 

Beauty Pie do not make any profit from the cosmetics they sell. You simply pay the direct factory price. As a business, Beauty Pie make their money from the membership fees.

Beauty Pie Promo Code: sign up using ‘BETHSENTME’ for a bonus £50 spending allowance!

Beauty Pie Review What to Buy From Beauty Pie Round Rattan Bathroom Shelf Trouva



Beauty Pie Review: The Highs and the Lows

If you’re wondering what to buy from Beauty Pie then look no further. I’ve tried several of the Beauty Pie best products and put together this super honest review.

Note: all Beauty Pie products are cruelty free and most are vegan too.


The Japanfusion Cleanser is one of Beauty Pie’s best products. I’ve used it morning and night for the last month and whilst it hasn’t ‘transformed’ my skin, it certainly hasn’t caused it any stress. It’s gentle but effective. It removes waterproof make up really well. If you’re wondering what to buy from Beauty Pie, this is a great start.

Typical price: £25

Members pay: £7.50

Would I re-order? Yes.


A deluxe feeling cleansing balm designed to nourish your skin whilst washing the day away. It’s one of Beauty Pie’s best products in terms of cult popularity. It really does make incredibly light work of even the most stubborn make up. If you currently use a high-end cleansing balm and then switch to this I promise you’ll have no complaints! Personally, I found I liked the Japanfusion Cleanser so much that I didn’t actually use the cleansing balm as often as I thought I might. For that reason, I wouldn’t reorder, but it is a great product.

Typical price: £50

Members pay: £15.35

Would I re-order? No (it will take me ages to get through this tub!)


These one-shot hyaluronic acid capsules (made from seaweed!) leave your skin silky smooth. The capsule style is perfect for travelling. Hyaluronic acid is naturally found in your skin; its main function is to retain water and keep your tissues moist. A lack of it can contribute to dull, dry skin and uneven skin tone and texture. Used right, it’s the key to smooth, hydrated skin! Key for me, it absorbs really quickly. So no dancing about in your bathroom begging it to dry before you can get ready for bed.

Typical price: £50

Members pay: £12.13

Would I re-order? Yes, but I’ll go for the Triple Hyaluronic Acid & Lipopeptide Serum in a bottle next time.


I’ve been using it every morning after cleansing, underneath my moisturiser. Vitamin C’s antioxidant properties can help to regenerate damaged skin cells. I’d really recommend it if you’ve got oily/combination skin and suffer from redness. Personally, my skin can often feel dehydrated. Too far the other way and I look shiny and break out. Whilst I haven’t had an ‘oh my god this is an amazing product!!!’ moment, I also haven’t had a spot in the last month…

The price point is outstanding. Serums are definitely the thing to buy from Beauty Pie.

Typical price: £80

Members pay: £12.25

Would I re-order? Yes.

Japanfusion cleanser, vitamin c serum, jeju moisturiser


If I could only re-order one product from Beauty Pie, it would be this. I’ve never found ‘my’ moisturiser. There are plenty I like but usually they come with a stomach-churning price tag. If you’re not sure what to buy from Beauty Pie and you want one truly stand out product, make it this. The texture is surprising; it feels almost too firm when you put your finger in but then gives way to a silky, non-greasy and ultra satisfying cream. As soon as it touches your face you’ll just want to keep reapplying it! I’ve used it morning and night for a month and I’ve got about half a jar left.

Typical price: £70

Members pay: £11.94

Would I re-order? Yes. This is Beauty Pie’s best product in my opinion!

Beauty Pie Promo Code: sign up using ‘BETHSENTME’ for a bonus £50 spending allowance!



I’m a total sucker for a fancy candle, and this one smells like a sexy man. Totally welcome in my bedroom. When you’re deciding what to buy from Beauty Pie, make sure a candle is in your cart. Beauty Pie stocks a few different candles and they all promise to be fragrant and luxe. I went for Bahia De Miel for the musky vanilla and juniper base and it’s sleek black glass jar. This is definitely an ultra premium quality candle but one I don’t feel guilty burning! The Pomegranate and Baies Rose is next on my list. Sound familiar?

Typical price: £50

Members pay: £17.38

Would I re-order? Yes. If the skin care wasn’t so good I’d spend all of my Beauty Pie spending limit on candles…


Now onto Beauty Pie make up! The One Palette Wonder is almost everything you need in a tray. It’s not what I would use at home but it’s perfect for travelling. I took it on a weekend away with just the addition of a face base, mascara and eyebrow gel in my make up bag. It significantly streamlined my load! It’s small enough to fit in your bag but large enough that you actually get a decent amount of product in each pan. It definitely knocks some well known contenders out the park and for well under a tenner, you can’t go wrong.

Typical price: £35

Members pay: £7.70

Would I re-order? Yes, for holidays, weekends away and days out requiring touch ups.

Beauty Pie One Palette Wonder Flash False Lash Mascara Unbeatable Concealer


Usually I wear lash extensions so my initial experience of Beauty Pie’s mascara was limited to my lower lashes. However the current Corona-lockdown situation means that I’m back to my natural lashes! I wasn’t wowed by the brush but it really does pick out and elongate every lash. The formula is a bit ‘wet’ for my liking but the trade off is that it doesn’t flake, even after long wear. I had a good cry and it did smudge but a sweaty run didn’t budge it. It will come down to whether the brush style is for you. I like it but I’ll try some of their others before ‘settling’.

Typical price: £20

Members pay: £4.93

Would I re-order? For the price, yes. It’s not my dream mascara though.


This concealer offers a buildable coverage in a flexible, if a little chalky, formula. I found it best to apply with my finger so I could warm it through then buff out with a brush. It doesn’t dry or cake but I’ve never, ever found a concealer that doesn’t need a quick finger blend under my eyes at some point during the day. I’d advise asking their Product Experts for a colour match (you can tell them what shade you usually) because it’s quite hard to nail it from a screen.

Typical price: £20

Members pay: £6.49

Would I re-order? No. This one will last me ages.

Do you agree with my Beauty Pie review? For me, when it comes down to what to buy from Beauty Pie, the skincare is where it’s at. Though I’d struggle to ever pay retail prices for make up again either! What shall I try next?

Beauty Pie Promo Code: sign up using ‘BETHSENTME’ for a bonus £50 spending allowance!

Beauty Pie Review: what to buy from Beauty Pie – pin for later!

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16 Responses

  1. I did wonder what Beauty Pie was all about and you’ve explained it well. The moisturiser sounds very appealing. I love the Elemis Marine one but but it’s so expensive that I rarely buy it. Beauty Pie’s is much more reasonably priced.

    1. It’s funny you should say that – the Elemis Marine Cream is exactly what I used to use! But it’s just so pricey. The moisturiser is definitely my stand-out Beauty Pie purchase, it’s brilliant 😊

    1. Enjoy! It’s a great time to give it a try with the waived membership fees xx

  2. I’m constantly impressed by your content Beth. It’s always so comprehensive and informative. I’ve been thinking about Beauty Pie for a while but it seemed too complicated so I’ve never bothered. With your help I can become a member confidently and much better informed. Thank you.

    1. Thank you so much for such a lovely comment! I hope you enjoy your purchases 😊

  3. Thanks Beth – ordered my first Beauty Pie just after this post. Been using the moisturiser and serum you recommended morning and night and my skin feels glowing!

    Always trust your recommendations x

  4. Totally agree on the japanfusion cleanser on at least my 4th now! My other repeat buys are the japanfusion serum which is great too, Dr Gylcolic pads they clear up a breakout v quickly, SHS body wash, Soul Providers shower oil, and the Ultralight SPF 25 is great. Haven’t loved some of the make up I’ve tried, but superbrow pencil is a firm repeat purchase for me now. Ohhh and the Brazilian lime/fig/tea perfume I adore! As you can imagine haven’t had any allowance left for candles yet 😉

  5. Hi Beth,
    I absolutely love the rattan wall shelf you used to display the beauty pie products. Do you remember where you got it by any chance?
    Would really appreciate any help in finding one
    Best wishes