The Only 6 Toys You Need for Newborns to 6 Month Olds

When it comes to baby toys, clever marketing (and Instagram) will seem to tell you that you need everything under the sun in order to entertain your little one. Whilst some can be absolute lifesavers when you just need five minutes to hop in the shower, more doesn’t always mean more. Before you part with your maternity leave budget, we’ve rounded up just six baby toys 0-6 months that are the best toys for newborns and beyond.

The Only 6 Toys You Need for Newborns to 6 Month Olds

baby toys 0-6 months
  1. Something to see (in black and white!)

Young babies can only see in black and white until they’re around 3 months old so anything monochrome is both fascinating and stimulating. We particularly love the Etta Loves range; beautiful baby items that are both functional and engaging enough to stimulate their cognitive & visual development. Perhaps best of all, their bestselling monochrome muslins are not only one of the best toys for newborns but also brilliantly practical too! Drape them, use them for tummy time…then mop up any spit up!

baby toys 0-6 months
  1. Something to bounce in

Whilst you might think this is more of an ‘equipment’ item than a toy, you’d be surprised at just how much fun your little one can have with a bouncer. Plus – you’ve got your hands free! Double win. As well as providing a soothing rhythm, many come with activity bars that can be interchanged so they can learn different skills, making it one of the most winning baby toys 0-6 months.

Our favourite is the Baby Bjorn bouncer because it’s cosy from day one and collapses flat for easy travel and storage.

Motherhood Edit founder, Beth, swears by this as one of her most loved baby purchases! There are also plenty floating about secondhand on preloved sites.

baby toys 0-6 months
  1. Something to lie on with a baby gym

These gems are the perfect combination of safe, stimulating play along with versatility. Your little one to begin with may simply track items with their eyes developing into gently batting the dangling toys. Most mats also are perfect for practising that all important tummy time! You don’t have to spend a fortune, we love this play mat and this wooden baby gym, both for under £20.

If you do want to spend a little more, The Play Gym by Lovevery is an absolute wonder. It contains absolutely everything you need from tummy time to teething. It comes with rattles, sensory cards and even a cover for shade in the garden or a den for toddlers. This is one of the best toys for newborns and beyond.

  1. Something to shake

Sounds are fascinating to your baby and will provide endless entertainment. Rattles are affordable, portable, and come in any shape and size you can think of. They also help your little one learn cause and effect, and how to cross their midline effectively. These wrist rattles are great for entertaining your little one. Must have baby toys 0-6 months!

best toys for newborns
  1. Something to chew

Again, another small yet mighty toy that often gets overlooked. Think you only need to reach for these when those teeth start to appear? Think again! Babies love to explore and learn through putting everything and anything in their mouths. Differing shapes, textures and colours are key. The teether from Matchstick Monkey is a household fave for a reason! It has an inbuilt gel dispenser so your little one can self-administer teething gel when needed.

best toys for newborns
  1. Something to make journeys more interesting

There are lots of toys that clip on to the car seat or pram. Whilst your newborn will initially ignore them, from around 8 weeks onwards they may begin to start tracking or attempting to play with these fun, dangly toys. Our favourite is this Under the Sea pram toy; Beth’s little boy has enjoyed it since 10 weeks old and still plays with it in the car today at 14 months!

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