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mamamade review

4 Mums Try Mamamade, the Organic Baby Food Delivery Service

We’ve all found ourselves caught short, reaching for a pouch as a hangry baby squeals from the highchair. We firmly believe there’s nothing wrong with that, in fact, when you’re strapped for time or energy, we wholeheartedly support taking the easy road. Sometimes that comes with a certain guilt though that most mums know all too well. Enter: Mamamade. Mamamade is the baby and toddler food service delivering organic, nutritious, flash-frozen meals and snacks for your little one. It bridges the gap between home cooked, creative baby food and convenience. We invited 4 real mums – and their little taste testers – to put it to the test. Read on for our Mamamade review!

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mamamade review
Mamamade review

Why Mamamade? Founder, Sophie Baron, started Mamamade from her kitchen in 2019. After the birth of her first daughter, Liba, she suffered with postnatal depression. Going back to work – or rather, founding her own start up – helped her to find herself again whilst weaning her baby. No easy feat, we know! She wanted to marry speed and convenience for busy, tired parents with healthy, fun food for little ones.

How does Mamamade work? Purchase a premade bundle (themed by age, preferences and weaning style) or build your own box and your baby and toddler meals will arrive in recyclable trays ready for the freezer. Most can be cooked from frozen in the microwave in just a minute or two, so they really are incredibly handy to have a stash of.

What age is Mamamade for? Choose or build your own bundle from the earliest of weaners through to picky toddlers. There are purees, porridges, BLW and finger foods available themed by developmental stage. Meal times are perfect for practicing that pincer grip!

We love: that each meal is completely free of allergens (it is important to introduce these, then offer repeat exposures during weaning, but at least all parents can feed Mamamade in confidence) and can be personalised for your child. Choose a meal, serve it whole, mash it, mix it with something else or puree it smooth!

Mamamade discount

Mamamade Review: Here’s What 4 Real Mums Thought

Rebecca & Finley, 6 months old

Rebecca’s initial impression was that she loved “the concept of fresh, healthy meals that I didn’t have to cook but wasn’t a pouch!” She thought “the packaging looks great and delivery was really smooth, with tracking on the website!”

At only 6 months old, baby Finley was new to weaning so Rebecca pureed up the chunkier meals for him. His favourite was definitely the pancakes! A great introduction to finger food. 

Of the price point – approx £33 for 14 meals, or £2.35 per tray – she felt it was a slightly expensive option for an early eater who might only have a few spoonfuls, however thought the price was very fair when compared to supermarket baby food.

“I get so frustrated when I cook a meal specifically for my baby only for him to turn his nose up at it. Mamamade gives me the opportunity to give hearty home cooked meals without the faff. I’d definitely buy it again to have in the freezer for convenience!”

Fatima & Safiyyah, 8 months old

Fatima said “I loved that the stage 3 foods have the option to be mashed or pureed or kept as they were. So some of the things were kept as they were prepped and others we mashed up slightly to make it easier for my 8 month old.”

Safiyyah loved the porridge the most! Fatima thought the price point was spot on and that she’d definitely reach for Mamamade both for her own family but also as a gift for a new parent: “You don’t think about weaning when the baby is born but I’m sure when time comes, a Mamamade voucher would be a lifesaver!” 

“I love being able to go into the freezer on busy days and grabbing a box out. So much less faff, waste and all whilst the baby is getting to taste new flavours that I probably wouldn’t have cooked.”

She thought the service could be improved by adding supplementary recipe cards for adults, so the whole family could enjoy Mamamade together!

mamamade discount mamamade review

Jazmin & Aria, 11 months old

Jazmin’s first impression was really positive too: “As Aria has CMPA (dairy allergy) I loved that it’s all free from allergens so I could avoid studying ingredients, as I spend so much time doing!”

Aria enjoyed the finger foods such as lentil bites and pancakes the most and Jazmin enjoyed having them on hand for a quick snack or a self-feed breakfast.

She did find that the meals were a bit too veg and grain based, and bland for Aria’s tastes but jazzed them up with houmous or a dairy free cheese sauce. “I wouldn’t order those again for her but would 100% order the lentil bites, pancakes and other bits like that.”

“It 100% made life easier! We’ve had a really busy few weeks with Aria’s 1st birthday and it was so helpful having food in the freezer that we could have ready in as little as 30 seconds, safe in the knowledge it’s good for her and she’d like it.

The price point is really reasonable for the quality of the food and the knowledge it’s all goodness that you are giving to your little one.”

Joanna & Oliver, 3 years old and Evangeline, 11 months old 

Joanna’s Mamamade review is based on trialling it for both her baby and toddler. Initially, Joanna loved the stylish packaging, colourful branding and lack of plastic in the delivery. She thought the price point was really fair but the portions were too large when you have to defrost the whole thing at once.

Both of Joanna’s kids loved the sweet potato & apple porridge! Unfortunately, it didn’t quite tickle Oliver’s tastebuds so Joanna wouldn’t buy it again for him, but would have it as a backup for Evangeline on those particularly busy days.

Although Joanna “definitely had days where I was at a loss as to what to feed the baby and remembered we still had some of the trays, which was great”, it didn’t quite do it for her family.

If you are thinking about weaning or aren’t too sure where to begin, download the Mamamade free weaning guide.

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