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12 Gifts for New Mums That Are Genuinely Useful

Having a baby is an incredibly special but overwhelming experience. Fulfill your urge to treat your new mum friend with our gift guide of genuinely useful ideas! In our list of 16 gifts for new mums, you won’t see a single thing for a baby here either, this is all about looking after the mamas.

1) INKA Buggy Organiser, Tiba & Marl £48

tiba and marl INKA buggy organiser is a useful gift for new mums

One of the most useful gifts for new mums is a buggy organiser and this one is the cream of the crop. With handy compartments and foolproof velcro straps, it attaches to the handlebars of any buggy or stroller for easy access to essentials like a phone, wallet and keys. It also doubles as a mini changing bag with plenty of space for nappies and wipes and even a bottle holder!

2) New Parents 7 Nights of Meals, Cook

COOK new parent bundle is one of our favourite gifts for new mums

Nourishing food is so important after you have a baby but cooking becomes a very low priority for new parents. One of the most useful gifts is definitely that of delicious, nutritious food that requires minimal effort! COOK’s new parent bundles or vouchers are a very thoughtful gift.

3) Ziggy Round Necklace Set (Engraved), Monica Vinader £48

Monica vinader Ziggy pendant necklace set

A piece of jewellery is a luxury gift that a new mother will treasure forever. Having the baby’s name or birthdate engraved makes this one of our favourite gifts for new mums. This also makes a very thoughtful gift for a parent after baby loss. Use our Monica Vinader discount code – BETH20 – for 20% off!

4) Childhood Journal 0-18 years, Month of Sundays £42

Childhood Journal Month of Sundays gifts for new mums

Buy her a baby book she’ll actually have a chance of filling in. The Month of Sundays Childhood Journal spans 0-18 years with one monthly entry detailing baby’s milestones and with plenty of space for photographs or other little keepsakes too. It comes in several gorgeous colours and is beautifully bound and coffee table ready too – this is a baby book for adults!

5) Dr Teal’s Pure Epsom Salt Sooth & Sleep, £5.39

dr teal's soothe and soak Epsom salts with lavender Epsom salts for after birth

Soaking in Epsom salts after birth will reduce swelling, discourage infection and promote healing. The soothing lavender scent is guaranteed to transport the bather to the fields of Provence – or at least away from dirty nappies and sicky muslins for a while. Plus, a self-care focused gift is as much about encouraging a new mum to take half an hour for herself. Bonus points if you come and hold the baby and make regular cups of tea!

6) Inkless Baby Hand and Foot Print Kit – Not On The High Street, £11

The days are long but the years are short. Help a new mum to capture those perfect tiny toes forever with an easy to use, mess-free foot print kit. We can say from experience though that it would be easier to wrestle a rabid monkey into a leotard than capture those tiny, iron-like fists…

7) 3 Month Readly Membership Gift Card, £20.90 (+ FREE £15 Waterstones Voucher!)

Those middle of the night feeds can be very lonely and feel hard to stay awake for. A Readly subscription is a really useful gift for a new mum who can swap mind-numbing scrolling for an endless supply of thousands of new issue magazines. Less concentration required than a book but more company than social media in the small hours!

8) The Solid Sleep Plan Gift Voucher, Calm & Bright Sleep Support £50

African Mom Stroking Sleeping Baby Lying In Bed Indoor

The most valuable gift you can ever give a new parent is that of sleep. Unfortunately, it’s ever elusive with a newborn and impossible to gift wrap. The next best thing is a Calm & Bright Sleep Support Plan. It will hold a new mum’s hand during those early months and help them to reclaim their nights quickly once the baby is old enough to learn to sleep through. 

9) Personalised Loaded Brownie or Blondie in the post, OH MY CAKERY, £25

Say it with cake, or brownie in this case. Fuel those middle of the night munchies with a delicious midnight snack from fabulous small business, OH MY CAKERY! You can personalise your brownie however you like. A “Welcome – insert baby’s name -” message is a sweet choice or make a new mum giggle with a “Hope your vagina’s okay!

10) Mama Yellow Ceramic Mug, Oliver Bonas – £12

Perhaps paired with her favourite tea or coffee, this sunny yellow mug is sure to give a little boost after a long night.

11) Mama Oversized Sweater, Mini and Moi £30

These gorgeous oversized sweaters (available in khaki and dusky nude) from Mini and Moi are one of our favourite gifts for new mums. Perfect for those snuggly sofa days and pairing with a pair of leggings when she ventures out! Plus, she can match with Mini too…

12) Elephant Conservation Collection Everyday Pouch, Elizabeth Scarlett £28

These gorgeous pouches by Elizabeth Scarlett come in an array of beautiful colours and designs and are perfect for the baby days and well beyond. We’ve used ours to store nappies and other changing essentials, for baby toiletries when travelling or for snack storage on the go. There are so many baby-free uses too (they make great summery clutch bags) that it’s a gift that will span far beyond the baby years.