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Everything You Need to Know About Family Travel Insurance for Your Summer Holiday Amidst the 2022 Travel Chaos

Pandemic restrictions are finally fully lifted and many Brits are looking forward to their first summer holiday in a good few years. Sun, sea and…flight cancellations and missing baggage? If the news of 2022 travel chaos is making you fear for your long awaited family holiday, perhaps as you travel with kids for the first time, then you need to read this. We’ve partnered with CoverForYou, a leading award-winning travel insurer who helps more than 8 million people travel with confidence each year, to tell you all you need to know about family travel insurance.

Everything you need to know about family travel insurance
Family travel insurance is one of the most important parts of holiday planning


  • Book your family travel insurance as soon as you book your holiday for immediate cover
  • Covid illness that stops you travelling IS covered
  • Under 3’s make up the majority of claims
  • Children aged 3-17 are FREE after the first child (up to eight children per policy)
  • Add Travel Disruption cover from 65p in case your airline cancels the flight


First of all: do I really need family travel insurance?

Yes, yes you absolutely do. It is one of the single most important things to buy when planning your holidays, particularly if you hope to travel with kids.

There’s no way round this (actually rather small) added expense: get travel insurance. Some countries, like Thailand, Turkey and Morocco won’t even let you in without it.

Did you know that under 3’s account for the majority of claims at CoverForYou? Stomach bugs and dehydration are the leading cause of infants needing to see a doctor abroad.

As well as the 2022 travel chaos, you need to consider the more macabre side to holiday planning: what would happen if something happens?

  • One day hospitalisation in the US for abdominal pains = £10K
  • Fracturing your wrist in Spain = £12K
  • Hitting your head in the sea in Sri Lanka = £32.7K
  • Road traffic accident in Thailand with multiple broken ribs and a pelvis fracture = £100K

These are all real claims from CoverForYou. When policies are available from just £4.25 for a weekend away, you cannot afford to travel without insurance.

Don’t forget, UK travellers are no longer covered by the EHIC. Travel insurance will cover your medical costs and CoverForYou will ensure that, if needed, you’re placed in the most appropriate medical facility for your care.

African family enjoying the beach on holiday - what you need to know about travel insurance when travelling with kids
Family travel insurance is so important for protecting your trip and your health

So what about the 2022 travel chaos?

So you’re going on holiday! We bet you can’t wait. However, the news of 2022 travel chaos is likely making you feel very anxious about your upcoming trip so first of all, let’s start with the facts. What’s happening right now with travel?

Airlines are cancelling flights due to staffing shortages and the same goes for the check-in desks, bag drops and security checks. Some crews have announced strikes as a backlash to poor pay and working conditions, particularly following mass redundancies during the pandemic.

Where does that leave you, planning your long awaited family holiday this summer? 

The good news is that the headlines always bring the drama and the reality of the 2022 travel chaos might not be as bad for most travellers as it may seem. Mid-July, the UK airports saw 1.6% of flights cancelled, so you do have to be particularly unlucky.

Nevertheless, we know you’ve worked hard and you’re excited to travel with kids this summer, so what will your family travel insurance cover if your flights are cancelled or your baggage is lost?

Neil Wright, Managing Director of CoverForYou says that “insurance policies are likely to cover strikes, industrial action, adverse weather conditions and mechanical failure, but most policies won’t cover the airline just cancelling flights due to operational reasons.”

Now what?

Look at adding Travel Disruption cover to your standard family travel insurance policy. This cover starts from as little as 65p (based on a single-trip policy to France for a long weekend) so you’d be mad not to invest in this.

Travel Disruption cover will have your back if you need any reasonable extras on top of your planned trip – such as additional travel costs or accommodation arrangements to help you reach your destination or home. If the airline offers you another flight which is 12 hours later and you decide it’s not worth travelling, Travel Disruption will also cover certain unused travel, accommodation and other pre-paid charges.

Asian young happy family enjoy vacation on beach in the evening.
CoverForYou provides premium family travel insurance so you can travel with kids during the 2022 travel chaos with confidence

Why CoverForYou?

  • 3-17 year olds go FREE after the first child
  • 90% of claims are settled
  • Real (and actually very nice) humans on the end of the phone
  • Travel Mate app containing emergency numbers, local contacts, hospital locations and an invaluable medical translation tool
  • Discounts for renewing customers
  • Over 100 sports covered on every policy
  • Easy to understand policy documents with no complex lingo


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