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72 Hours in Berlin


Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate is an 18th Century neoclassical monument (hi wikipedia) and is one of the most famous landmarks in not just Berlin, but all of Germany. During the day it can get very crowded and you’ll probably struggle to take a snap that doesn’t featured 184 other tourists, but thankfully at night time it’s both considerably quieter and arguably far more beautiful lit up against the dark sky.


Reichstag Building

The Reichstag building is home to Germany’s parliament and features a stunning glass dome that was an addition just before the millennium. 360 degree views of the city are guided by an incredibly clever automatic audio tour, which explains the city skyline and it’s most important landmarks as you wander up and back down the dome. There is also a wealth of photographs demonstrating the rich history of the building as home to the Bundestag as well as it’s use during the Nazi regime.

Visiting is free but you do have to book ahead and take photo ID with you. You can visit as late at 9pm; we went in the dark and it was fantastic to see the city all lit up but if I went again I’d go during day light (on a clear day) so that it’s easier to identify the monuments!

Register to vist here


Topography of Terror Museum

The Topography of Terror is a free museum which pays homage to the horrors of the Nazi regime and the impacts of the Cold War. Situated on the original site of one of the SS headquarters, the newly remodelled museum stands just steps from one of the larger remaining portions of the Wall and features some of the original cells and torture chambers. There’s lots of reading involved but it’s well worth it; wear comfy shoes and allow a few hours to properly immerse yourself. 


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East Side Gallery

The East Side Gallery is the largest remaining stretch of the wall and has become an international memorial for freedom. Remnants of what was once a mark of division and terror now features over a hundred works of street art by artists from all over the world. It’s open air so a little testing in the winter but this symbol of change and of hope for a better world and freer people is well worth a wander, whether you’re an art lover or not.


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The Holocaust Memorial

Named the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, this 5 acre open air site features almost 3000 concrete slabs placed in a grid formation up and down slopes which visitors are encouraged to walk around. It’s a sombre but meaningful place with a free museum beneath to further education and remembrance. 

A quick word: unfortunately, not all visitors seem to grasp the serious nature of the memorial or the heinous reason it’s there and are often seen taking selfies, running around or climbing on the slabs. Please visit, but please remember what it symbolises.

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Drink Steins at Alexanderplatz

Touristy, gimmicky but OH so fun, the Hofbräu House is the ultimate place to order a stein of beer and a wurst and spend the afternoon surrounded by merriment in a mock traditional Bavarian beer hall. Not technically native to Berlin and not somewhere I could imagine the locals frequenting, but oh my goodness do I promise you’ll have a great time! 


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  1. I’m absolutely IN LOVE with this post! I live in Germany but never been to Berlin and I got everything what I wanted from a post like this and more! I love how much detail you gave about the hotel, your amazing writing style and OMG these photos are beautiful. Thank you for this amazing post I can’t wait to visit Berlin myself! xxx