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Motherhood Edit is a digital magazine for mums, by mums.

We’re here to celebrate motherhood in all its glorious and messy forms. From the day-to-day to the extraordinary in a space that feels safe and inclusive.

We know that Motherhood is rarely all one thing or another. Motherhood Edit was created with the ‘pouches and Pinterest’ mums in mind. There’s no pressure to be perfect here – some days you’ll rock it, others you’ll wing it and some you’ll hide-in-the-loo and give the toddler an Easter Egg for dinner-it. We’re right there with you Mama.

Amongst our pages you’ll find brilliantly brave, bold and relatable stories of motherhood from real mums. As well as mum-mum tips, reviews and day-to-day realness to help keep you sane (and entertained).

Wherever you are in your motherhood journey, we hope you’ll feel seen and welcome here.

For most, motherhood is neither perfectly polished nor all “just you waits” and doom and gloom...

HI I'M Beth

Beth founded Motherhood Edit when her son was 10 months old. The idea was born soon after he was; she noticed that mothering in the online world seemed to feel quite divided into camps. It made forging a new identity as someone’s mother that little bit harder.

In addition, her path to motherhood wasn’t linear. Ziggy was born after two miscarriages and a complicated pregnancy. His entrance to the world was sudden and traumatic and he spent his first few weeks in neonatal intensive care. Beth feels passionate that no matter when, how or why someone identifies as a mother, they deserve to feel represented and welcome.

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