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8 Best Travel Prams to Suit All Budgets

A lightweight travel pram that’s as compact as it is comfortable is a must if you’re an aspiring jetsetter. They’re also brilliant for city-dwellers and those with small homes; afterall, trying to find somewhere to store a large buggy can sometimes feel like driving a tank. These easily manoeuvrable travel pram gems come into their own for nipping into town, public transport and of course on holidays where space is at a premium. 

We’ve done the hard work searching for the best travel pram to suit your budget so you don’t have to.

Things to consider when choosing a travel pram:

Age limits: Not all travel prams are suitable from birth and some can take older children than others, so make sure whatever you choose is suitable for the age of your baby!

Weight: travel prams come in at different weights and you need to consider how regularly you’ll be carrying it folded. Do you want to go for one as light as possible, or does it just need to go small enough to fit in the boot with all your shopping?

Comfort: Some prams are as light as possible at the expense of comfort and one that’s super stripped-back may not suit your family. If you’re intending to do a lot of naps on the go, opting for one that can lie flat might be the way to go.

Size: If you’re a frequent flyer, or have limited storage options, size may well be at the top of your list. If this is the case it’s worth spending a little more to ensure it’s a cabin-approved model.

Vanity: Sometimes you just want something to look nice! No arguments here, sometimes looks matter just as much as practicality. 

Cost: Lightweight prams that fold incredibly small are nothing short of engineering masterpieces, which unfortunately tend to come at a premium price tag so it’s worth considering how much you’re prepared to invest versus your expected use.

8 Best Travel Prams to Suit All Budgets



  • £429
  • Folded: 52 x 44 x 18cm
  • 6.5kg
  • Suitable from birth to 4 years (0-22kg) – newborn pack sold separately

A household name in the travel pram sector and for very good reason; the YOYO mixes lightweight usability with a sleek and visually appealing design. It’s definitely at the pricier end of the spectrum but could easily be used as an everyday pram when you’re not popping it (easily) into the overhead lockers. The great news is, it’s one of the most recognised brands by airlines as a cabin-approved travel pram. We’ll be honest though; we’ve never managed to fold it one handed.

You can buy a newborn pack to use it from birth, or even a bassinet (non-folding) for a lightweight, slimline city everyday pram.



  • £395 
  • Folded: 54 x 45 x 23cm
  • 7.3kg
  • Suitable from 6 months to 4 years (up to 22kg)

If you love the look of the YOYO but want to spend a little less and be seen with the newest product on the market, this could be a fantastic option. A touch heavier but boasting a jaw dropping one second fold and an amazing basket underneath, the latest pram from Bugaboo is a seriously slick contender. If you’re looking for a lightweight Bugaboo that’s suitable from birth, check out the Bee 6. 



  • £229.99
  • Folded: 56 cm x 46 cm x 25 cm
  • 6.9kg
  • Suitable from birth to 4 years (0-22kg)

The Maxi-Cosi Jaya is a great budget travel pram pick. It’s marketed as an ‘urban stroller’, features a one second auto-fold and is only 400g heavier than the babyzen. The good news is, you don’t need to buy any add ons because this well-designed travel pram is suitable from birth with a total lie flat mode.



  • £264
  • Non folded: 96 x 49.5 x 99cm
  • 6.5kg
  • Suitable from birth to 4 years (0-22kg)

As the name would suggest, this travel pram is perfect for those on-the-go city breaks with comfort and usability in mind. It has a one handed fold with auto lock and a carry bag included. It also has a near-lie flat seat and adjustable calf support as well as a UV 50 hood for sunny climates.

You can also buy the Baby Jogger City Tour 2 double – perfect for twins or siblings! It’s not as light, at 10.5kg but can fit through a standard doorway so if you’re looking for a double travel pram it’s a strong contender.



  • £199
  • Folded: 45 x 55 x 25cm 
  • 6.4kg
  • Suitable from birth to 3 years (0-15kg)

This is a fantastic all-rounder with some luxe touches for a more budget travel pram price point. It has all the compact, overhead locker capabilities you’d expect with a large UPF 50 hood so you can safely enjoy the sunshine without skipping a beat. It doesn’t quite take the weight of its competitors.



  • £200
  • Folded: 54 x 46.5 x 25cm
  • 5.9kg
  • Suitable from birth to 4 years (0-22kg)

The latest travel pram offering from Silver Cross is the ultra trendy and surprisingly affordable Clic. It features a one handed fold, one handed full-recline seat and a shoulder strap for ease of carrying. At less than 6kg, it’s one of the lightest travel prams on the market. It also has a UPF50+ hood and adjustable calf support. You get a lot of bang for your buck with this travel pram!



  • £ 299.95
  • Folded: 54 x 44 x 25cm
  • 7.8kg
  • Suitable from birth to 4 years (0-22kg)

The Ergobaby Metro+ travel pram prides itself on having the most padded, comfortable seat on the market. It’s also one of the best for tall parents as, unlike most, it has adjustable handlebars. It’s suitable from birth with no add on, just a cosy fold out newborn nest and has a large story basket. The downside is that it’s definitely heavier than some of its competitors.



  • £35
  • Folded:  20, 16, 120cm. 
  • 4.9kg
  • Suitable from 6 months to 3 years (up to 15kg)

If you’re looking for a truly budget travel pram then the Cuggl Laurel stroller comes in at a very reasonable price and is ultra lightweight too. It’s worth noting that the fold is umbrella style, so while it’s ideal for chucking in the boot or even wheeling to the plane door and then stashing in the hold, it’s not going to be cabin-approved. You do generally get what you pay for but for the occasional holiday or quick urban adventure, we think it’s a steal! 

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