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60 Travel Inspired Baby Names for Boys and Girls

If you’re a keen traveller then it only makes sense that you might be on the hunt for special travel inspired baby names, or want to name your little one after a place. There are lots of gorgeous travel inspired baby names and place baby names giving us a serious case of wanderlust! We’ve rounded up our favourites.

You might be worried that opting for travel inspired baby names may be too quirky a choice but we think there are lots of incredible, unique picks as well as some that give a more subtle nod to your inner explorer.

Place baby names are a good choice if you’ve got somewhere special in mind though of course, not everywhere will work. Florence has far more of a ring to it than Glasgow! We’re kidding (sort of). Of course, you don’t need to have visited somewhere to choose a travel inspired baby name, you may just really like it and that’s fine too.

Whatever your taste, we’ve rounded up 60 of our favourite travel inspired baby names for girls and boys, many of which are gender neutral too, and we think there will be some strong contenders to add to your baby name lists!

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travel inspired baby names

20 Travel Inspired Girls’ Names

  1. Alaska – Native American place name meaning “great land”
  2. Alexandria – an Egyptian place name
  3. Alma – meaning “independent spirit”
  4. Aurora – the Roman Goddess of Sunrise and associated with the Northern Lights
  5. Beatrix – Latin for “voyager” or “traveller”
  6. Carmel – an Israeli place name
  7. Dakota – an American place name
  8. Florence – an Italian place name
  9. Geneva – a Swiss place name
  10. India – a place name
  11. Isla – meaning “island”
  12. Juno – Goddess of the Land and an Irish place name 
  13. Kaya – a city in Africa and meaning “wise beyond her years”
  14. Mali – a country in West Africa
  15. Paris – a French place name
  16. Savannah – an American place name or a grassy plain, associated with Africa
  17. Sienna – an Italian place name
  18. Sofia – a Bulgarian place name
  19. Vienna – an Austrian place name
  20. Zaria – a Nigerian place name

20 Travel Inspired Boys’ Names

  1. Atlas – Greek meaning “to carry”
  2. Austin – American place name
  3. Arran – a Scottish isle
  4. Boston – American place name
  5. Caspian – the Caspian sea; the world’s largest lake
  6. Christopher – after Christopher Columbus and St. Christopher; a symbol of safe travel
  7. Cruz – meaning “cross” or reminiscent of travel
  8. Devon/Devan – an English place name 
  9. Everest – like the mountain
  10. Forrest – a nature name meaning “forest”
  11. Hudson – the river in New York
  12. Israel – a Middle Eastern country
  13. Jackson – an American place name
  14. Jet – from the gemstone or reminiscent of travel
  15. Noah – Hebrew meaning “wanderer”
  16. Oslo – a Norwegian place name
  17. Phoenix – American place name
  18. Rhodes – a Greek island
  19. Roman – people of Rome
  20. Wilder – meaning “untamed”
travel inspired baby names
travel inspired baby names

20 Travel Inspired Gender Neutral Names

  1. Aspen – a Colorado ski destination 
  2. Brooklyn – a suburb of New York City 
  3. Cairo – Egyptian place name
  4. Cove – a small sheltered bay
  5. Cyprus – an island in the Eastern Mediterranean
  6. Eden – paradise
  7. Haven – meaning “place of safety”
  8. Indigo – Indian dye
  9. Jordan – a Middle Eastern country
  10. Kai – Hawaiian meaning “sea”
  11. Lucca – an Italian place name
  12. Milan – an Italian place name
  13. Nola – a nickname for New Orleans
  14. Ocean – giving us serious wanderlust vibes
  15. Rio – a Brazilian place name
  16. River – a gorgeous gender neutral nature name
  17. Romi/Romy – meaning “my height”
  18. Sailor – meaning “boat man”
  19. Skye/Sky – like the sky, or the Isle of Skye
  20. Sydney – Australian place name

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