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60 Flower Names for Girls and Boys That You Might Not Have Thought Of

We love nature names! Flower names for girls are popular and can be traditional or more unusual and quirky. However, there are lots of lovely flower names for boys too! Many are gender neutral baby names. Names such as Rose and Lily are probably what comes to mind when you think of flower names for girls, but there are plenty of more unique nature-inspired names too. We love Sage, Clover and Flora! You can also lean into name meanings here; Florence means blossoming. Flower names for boys are less traditional but perhaps draw on earthy inspiration from the natural world, such as Aster, Ren (meaning lotus) and Oak.

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29 Beautiful Flower Names for Girls

  1. Azalea – English from the flower
  2. Blossom – English meaning flower-like; to blossom
  3. Bloom – anglicised spelling of the Dutch ‘bloem’ meaning flower
  4. Briar – English meaning brambles, thorny patch of wild roses
  5. Cassia – Greek from the cassia tree, cinnamon
  6. Clover – English, a meadow flower associated with luck
  7. Dahlia – Swedish, from the flower (pronounced DAY-LEE-AH)
  8. Daphne – Greek meaning laurel tree
  9. Fleur – French meaning flower
  10. Flora – Latin meaning flower
  11. Heather – Scottish, evergreen flowering plant 
  12. Ianthe – Greek, a purple flower
  13. Jasmine – Persian and French, a fragrant white flower 
  14. Juniper – Latin, the juniper berry
  15. Laurel – Latin, a laurel tree
  16. Lavender – English, a purple flower known for its scent
  17. Leilani – Hawaiian meaning “heavenly flower”
  18. Liana – French, a flowering tropical vine
  19. Lilac – English, from Persian, a blue-ish purple flower
  20. Marigold – English, a yellow flower (we love the nickname Goldie)
  21. Poppy – Latin, a red flower associated with peace
  22. Posy – English meaning a bunch of flowers
  23. Primrose – English meaning “first rose”
  24. Rosalie – French, from Latin for Rose (a great alternative to Rose)
  25. Rosemary – English, from the herb or Latin meaning “dew of the sea”
  26. Saffron – English meaning “yellow flower”, a spice from the crocus flower
  27. Violet – English from Latin, a purple flower
  28. Willow – Old English, a willow tree
  29. Zahra – Arabic meaning flower

23 Beautiful Flower Names for Boys

  1. Alder – English meaning tree
  2. Aspen – Old English meaning tree
  3. Bay – English from the bay tree
  4. Calix – Latin meaning “husk”
  5. Cedar – American from the cedar tree
  6. Cypress – Greek from the cypress tree
  7. Forrest – English meaning woods
  8. Fox – English, a foxglove
  9. Florian – Latin meaning flower
  10. Jared – Hebrew meaning “rose”
  11. Kamal – Arabic origin and Hindi meaning “lotus”
  12. Lars – Scandinavian meaning “crowned with laurel”
  13. Lupin – French meaning “wolf” or the lupin flower
  14. Moss – English meaning “born of a God”
  15. Oakley – English meaning “meadow of oak trees”
  16. Oleander – Greek meaning “evergreen tree”
  17. Reed – English, someone from a clearing in a woodland
  18. Rhodes – Greek place name meaning “where roses grow”
  19. Rowan – English from the rowan tree
  20. William – English from sweet william flowers
  21. Woody – English meaning “row in the woods”
  22. Zahar – Arabic meaning “bloom”
  23. Zephyr – Greek meaning “west wind” and a flower native to Peru and Columbia
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8 Beautiful Gender Neutral Flower Names

  1. Ash, English from the ash tree
  2. Aster – Greek meaning “star flower”
  3. Indigo – Greek for Indian dye, a purple dye taken from a plant
  4. Olive – English from olive tree
  5. Ren – Japanese meaning “water lily”
  6. Rowan – English from the rowan tree
  7. Rue – English meaning herb (this would make a gorgeous middle name)
  8. Sage – English meaning “wise” and from the sage plant

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