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6 Popular TV Series Review

6 series I've watched recently, what to watch on Netflix, Deadwater Fell Review, The Stranger Review

I love a good TV series. I’m particularly partial to a good crime drama or something with realms and realms of episodes. A healthy habit, I know…Here’s 6 series I’ve watched recently. The good, the bad and the downright cancel-my-subscription ugly…

1. The Stranger, Netflix

WHAT is all the hype about? After giving up 8 precious hours to The Stranger, I felt pretty miffed. I was quite gripped whilst watching it simply because it was so random and unpredictable. However it quickly became apparent that about 95% of the plot was red herring. At times it felt quite soap opera-esque. If Hollyoaks made a crime drama. I got to the end and thought “wait…was that…it?” Then the more I thought about it retrospectively, the more I picked apart and hated on every episode. Oops.

The same can be said for ‘Safe’, also by Harlan Cohen. I made it half way through episode two before deciding I wasn’t giving up another 6.5 hours of my life.

2. Orange is the New Black (season 2), Netflix

I know I’m major behind the times but I finally started watching Orange is the New Black in January. I’ve just started season two and whilst I wouldn’t rave about it or necessarily sit down and give it my full focus, I’m really enjoying it as a background watch. It’s the perfect series to have playing whilst I do chores or cook!

3. Sex Education (season 2), Netflix 

I loved the first season of Sex Education and the second didn’t disappoint either. Whilst it’s occasionally a little far-fetched, they do such a good job of covering so many topics. There’s nothing I feel the writers shy away from, from masturbation to sexual assault and a-sexuality. It’s genuinely funny too and I wish it had been on when I was a teenager.

4. Grey’s Anatomy (rewatching!), Amazon Prime

Oh, Grey’s. Whatever it’s called these days, that hospital has my heart. I’ve just started rewatching Grey’s Anatomy from the very first episode and it’s definitely even better the second time around, especially watching it with someone who’s never seen it before. They’ve taken it off of Netflix but thankfully my little sister gave me her Amazon Prime login, which is probably good retribution for all the teenage years of stealing my MAC lipsticks on her behalf! 

5. Deadwater Fell, All Four

David Tennant’s latest crime drama, Deadwater Fell, is as dark and moody as ever. This is not a whodunnit, that’s apparent very early on but it is a really quite haunting portrayal of abusive, coercive relationships. The show doesn’t shy away from hard-hitting topics including assuming a depressed character must be the culprit because obviously mental health struggles equals ‘most likely to murder your family’. Ultimately, whilst it’s certainly no Broadchurch (what is?) it’s a brooding think-piece and a worthy reminder that appearances can be oh-so deceiving. 

6. Silent Witness, BBC iPlayer

Oh, the Lyle. I used to LOVE Silent Witness. This is proper old school TV now but I’m afraid the last few seasons just haven’t cut it for me, so much so that I actually gave up on the most recent series. It just seems like they’ve exhausted every plausible story line now. Plots are fluffy and a bit boring and any real sense of fear or suspense that used to shroud the earlier seasons is long gone. London’s favourite pathologists are more like do-it-all detectives now and I’m bored of the show making the police look stupid rather than making the pathologists actually just stick to their job title.

What have you been watching? Any recommendations? 

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4 Responses

  1. ‘The Messiah’ a slow burn but very thought provoking.

    ‘The Witcher’ granted Henry Cavell is frickin’ gorgeous but I was hooked (once I understood what I was watching 🤦🏼‍♀️)

    ‘The Split’ iplayer family legal drama – spent a fair amount of time critiquing their version of the law, but enjoyed it. Strong female leads.

    The Two Popes – Hopkins and Pryce.. excellent,