5 Things You Can do With Leftover Breast Milk

Whether you’ve come to the end of your breastfeeding journey, are dealing with a high supply, have a baby who has no interest in taking a bottle, or simply are running out of room in your freezer, finding creative ways to put your leftover breastmilk to good use can be a struggle. Don’t pour that liquid gold down the drain – there are other uses for breastmilk! Here are 5 things you can do with leftover breast milk.

Leftover breastmilk: other uses for breastmilk
Blossom Keepsake | Leftover breastmilk: other uses for breastmilk
  1. Make yourself a special piece of breastmilk jewellery

One of the most beautiful uses for leftover breast milk has to be commemorating your breastfeeding achievement with a piece of one of a kind jewellery. That’s right, you can have a sample of your milk turned into a piece you can wear! Some options are Blossom Keepsake, or May and June Keepsakes offers loads of stunning designs that you can DIY.

  1. Make breast milk ice lollies (they help with teething too!)

Have you ever heard of a “mumsicle”? Confused? We don’t blame you, but it might just be the best thing ever if your little one is teething or too hot on a sunny day. Simply freeze leftover breast milk into ice lolly moulds and then whip out this fabulous frozen treat when the dreaded tooth strikes. They last in the fridge for up to six months and the cold temperature will help soothe the gums whilst the breast milk gives an added antibody boost – win, win! Children of any age can enjoy these, just let them thaw a little or run them under a tap to avoid chill burns.

Try these cute silicone ice lolly moulds, perfect for little hands and limiting spills or this set which makes mini ones perfect for toddlers. Or, if your baby is younger, freeze your leftover breast milk in to ice cubes and then pop into a mesh or silicone feeder like this. 

Leftover breastmilk: other uses for breastmilk
Leftover breastmilk: other uses for breastmilk
  1. Use leftover breast milk to heal nappy rash

A study found that breast milk is just as effective on nappy rash as your well known barrier cream that contains hydrocortisone! Magic. So if you’re looking for other uses for breast milk, simply defrost a small portion of leftover breast milk or pump a little extra if you’re still feeding and pat some of it on your baby’s bottom and then let it dry before putting on a fresh nappy. Voila!

  1. Use leftover breast milk as a topical remedy

That same study also found that breast milk can be a fantastic natural remedy for eczema and some minor infections. Many mums anecdotally swear by popping breast milk on eye infections (squirt it straight in if you’re still milk making, or pour some on a clean cotton ball) or skin rashes to help clear them up. Holding onto that freezer stash could do a world of good if and when the next ailment rears its head. Of course – this trick isn’t just a great use for breast milk for bubbas, use it on other children and willing adults with rashes too!

Leftover breastmilk: other uses for breastmilk
Leftover breastmilk: other uses for breastmilk
  1. Donate leftover breast milk

If you’re lucky enough to have exhausted the above and still have some left over or simply want to give something back, donating your unwanted breastmilk is a fantastic option. It can help to save the lives of premature or very sick babies and act as a bridge to breastfeeding for those struggling. Many who have a baby via surrogacy or can’t make milk for another reason look for donor breast milk too.

If you’re based in the UK the first step would be to look up your closest Milk Bank via the UKAMB and find out their criteria. For a less official but well managed route, you can also look at Human Milk 4 Human Babies which is an informed peer-peer breast milk sharing group matching breast milk donors with parents in need. As some milk banks require blood tests before donations are expressed, this can be a more accessible option. Motherhood Edit founder, Beth, donated her large NICU stash via this group! 

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