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baby shower alternatives

5 Alternatives to a Traditional Baby Shower

If you like the idea of throwing some sort of event to welcome your little one’s arrival but are not sold on the concept of a traditional baby shower, you’re not alone. Many parents are looking for baby shower alternatives for a fresh take on a traditional baby shower, which has only come into popularity in the UK in the last few years. Perhaps you want to take the pressure off, or you want the Dad-to-be to be celebrated too. Here are our top 5 alternative baby shower ideas that are perfect to celebrate you and your pregnancy. 

Tip: If it’s the gift giving that makes you feel a bit uncomfortable, try asking each of your guests to bring their favourite children’s book for the baby as a present. For an extra special touch they can also include a note to you and your little one to read in years to come. 

baby shower alternatives
  1. Host an open house event

If you’re looking for baby shower alternatives to celebrate in a low key and non traditional way, this couldn’t be more perfect. An open house does exactly what it says on the tin; open your house to allow anyone  to drop in and say hello. It could be something as simple as a BBQ if you’re having a summer baby, or if you don’t fancy the faff of tidying up, why not choose your favourite pub? It’s perfect if you have a lot of male and female friends you’d like to celebrate an alternative baby shower with.

  1. Oh baby brunch!

Remove the silly games and the gifting obligations and instead, invite those you’d like to celebrate with to join you for one of our favourite baby shower alternatives – BRUNCH! The great thing about this is that nobody has to do any prep, clean up or cooking. You can choose whether to include baby shower decorations or keep it ultra simple. An alternative baby shower idea would be afternoon tea!

  1. Pregnancy spa day

Pregnancy can be HARD work and takes a toll on your body and mind. Organising a spa day as an alternative baby shower with your nearest and dearest to celebrate your impending new arrival can be a great way to get in some last minute pampering and celebrate all at the same time. You can all treat yourselves to a facial, mani-pedi or massage, spend some quality time together (something that may be in short supply once the baby arrives) and end the day feeling recharged. 

  1. Mother Blessing (Blessingway)

A Blessingway – or Mother Blessing – is an amazing pre-natal celebration rising in popularity and makes a perfect alternative baby shower for those who prefer the focus is more on mum than nappy cakes and smell the diaper games. It’s all about nurturing the mum-to-be and celebrating motherhood without the commercial aspects. A Mother Blessing is traditionally a woman-only event that involves gathering the mum-to-be’s closest friends and family. Guests each bring a plate of food and share stories, tips and help to fill up mum’s cup before she embarks on welcoming her new little one. 

  1. Sip & see

If you want to hold off on any celebrations when your little one is safely in your arms a “sip and see” could be the perfect solution. An alternative baby shower that happens after the baby has been born to allow everyone you love to come and meet and toast the new baby. The great thing is it may help to fend off unwanted visitors in those early weeks: you are able to control the venue, timing and guest list that suit you and your new family best. 

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