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40 Boho Boys Names

40 Vintage Girl Names That Are Retro-Cool

If you’re looking for inspiration for vintage girl names that still feel retro-cool rather than outdated and fusty, look no further. What constitutes as vintage in 2022 is debatable but we’ve included choices that were popular between the 1900’s-1950’s in the UK, Europe and the USA. When we think of ‘old’ names we often think of our parents and let’s face it – we’re probably not pitching for another baby Sharon, Julie or Carol here. However, lots of vintage girl names seem to bring an air of retro glamour or feel recognisable (and therefore not too ‘weird’) but unique. There’s also the association with our grandparents or great-grandparents; many baby names are chosen to honour those we’ve loved and lost. We’ve got a theory that most people dislike ‘old’ names from their own generation and that of their parents. It’s hard to imagine anyone naming a baby Nigel now, but as a name given for boys in England and Wales, it peaked in popularity between the 1950’s-1970’s. The ‘hundred year rule’ suggests that that’s how long it takes for a once-popular name to become trendy again, with names like Violet, Eliza and Florence all hanging out in the UK’s top baby names of 2021 list. However, there are plenty of far more modern names that still carry that vintage-cool charm. If in doubt, grab a pen and paper and put on Downton Abbey! One day Nige will be cool again…

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40 Vintage Girl Names That Feel Fresh

  1. Florence
  2. Alice
  3. Lilian
  4. Grace
  5. Clara
  6. Hazel
  7. Josephine
  8. Mabel
  9. Rosemary
  10. Beatrice
  11. Margot
  12. Elsie
  13. Ruby
  14. Claudia
  15. Evelyn
  16. Pearl
  17. Ada
  18. Edith (Edie)
  19. Viola
  20. Helena
  21. Dorothy
  22. Minnie
  23. Nell
  24. Martha
  25. Nancy
  26. Bonnie
  27. Cora
  28. Scarlett
  29. Esther
  30. Maeve
  31. Connie
  32. Ruth
  33. Iris
  34. Lydia
  35. Ophelia
  36. Eloise
  37. Ivy
  38. Esme
  39. Clementine
  40. Daphne

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Vintage Girl Names: 40 Baby Names That Are Retro and Cool

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