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Rainbow baby names

40 Beautiful Names for Your Rainbow Baby

For parents who have weathered some of the harshest of storms, choosing a name for your little one after the emotional upheaval that is pregnancy after loss can be as daunting as it is poignant. Choosing rainbow baby names with a special meaning can be a powerful way of honouring that journey. Below is a carefully curated list of names for rainbow babies for both sexes that are as unique and special as they are.

20 Beautiful Rainbow Baby Names for Boys

  1. Augustus (we love Gus for short) – Latin meaning “great, magnificent.”
  2. Atlas – Greek meaning “bearer of the heavens.”
  3. Amal – Arabic and Indian meaning “hope.”
  4. Asher – Jewish meaning “fortunate.”
  5. Beau – French meaning “beautiful” (and alluding to rainbow)
  6. Bodhi – Sanskrit meaning “awakening.”
  7. Cayo –  Spanish meaning “rejoice.”
  8. Cedric – English meaning “loved.”
  9. Eyal –  Hebrew origin meaning “strength.”
  10. Felix – Latin meaning “happy and lucky.”
  11. Gabriel – Hebrew origin meaning “god is my strength”.
  12. Jesse – Hebrew origin meaning “gift”.
  13. Luca – Italian meaning “bringer of light.”
  14. Phoenix – Greek meaning “rising bird” and linked to the mythical ability of being eternally renewed. 
  15. Rupert – German meaning “bright flame.”
  16. Saul – Arabic meaning “longed for” or “prayed for.” 
  17. Theo – English meaning “gift of God.”
  18. Miles – Latin meaning “soldier”.
  19. Neo – Latin meaning “new.” 
  20. Xavier – Greek meaning “new house” or “fresh start.”
Rainbow baby names

20 Beautiful Rainbow Baby Names for Girls

  1. Alina – Greek with Russian origins meaning “light, beautiful.”
  2. Aurora – Latin meaning “dawn” and linked to the Roman goddess of sunrise.
  3. Aveline – French meaning “desired”.
  4. Beatrice ( we also love Beau or Trixie for short) – Latin origin meaning “Bringer of joy” 
  5. Bree – Irish meaning “strength or exalted one.”
  6. Cassie (or Cassandra in the long form) – Greek meaning “shining one”
  7. Celeste – Latin meaning “heavenly”
  8. Eliana – Hebrew meaning “My God has answered me.”
  9. Esme – French meaning “beloved.” 
  10. Evie – Hebrew meaning “life”.
  11. Gwyneth – Welsh meaning “blessed.”
  12. Hope – English meaning “hope, great things to come”.
  13. Iris – Greek meaning “faith,” “courage” and “hope” and linked to the Greek goddess of rainbows.
  14. Imani – Arabic meaning “faith”
  15. Juno – Latin meaning “Queen of the heavens.”
  16. Leora – Greek/Hebrew meaning “light”
  17. Lena – English meaning “ray of light”.
  18. Mabel – English meaning “loveable”.
  19. Mirabel – Latin meaning “wonderful.”
  20. Nova – Latin meaning “new”.
  21. Trudy – German meaning “universal strength.”

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Rainbow baby names

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