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40 One Syllable Boy Names with Meanings

If you’re after perfect one syllable boy names for your impending arrival then look no further! We’ve rounded up forty of our favourite short boy names that will sound sophisticated and sweet with any surname. Maybe you’ve got a long or double-barrelled last name or perhaps you don’t want anyone to give your child an unapproved nickname? Whatever your reasoning for keeping things short and sweet, we’ve got you covered. There are plenty of traditional and well-known one syllable boy names like Jack or more unusual ones like Kai or Ash. Whatever your taste, short boy names are a great way to pick something strong and simple.

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  1. Ace – Latin meaning “one”
  2. Ash – Hebrew meaning “happy” and of the Ash tree
  3. Bear – German meaning “strong and brave”
  4. Beau – French meaning “beautiful”
  5. Ben – Hebrew meaning “son”
  6. Blake – derived from Old English meaning “fair haired” or “dark skinned”
  7. Cam – Gaelic meaning “crooked”
  8. Chris – Greek meaning “Christ bearer”
  9. Clay – Old English meaning “clay”
  10. Cole – Greek meaning “victory”
  11. Finn – Irish meaning “fair”
  12. Fox – English meaning “fox”
  13. Frank – German meaning “free”
  14. George – Greek meaning “farmer”
  15. Grey – English meaning “grey”
  16. Gus – English meaning “majestic”
  17. Guy – French meaning “leader”
  18. Jack – Old English meaning “gracious”
  19. James – Hebrew meaning “supplanter”
  20. Josh – Hebrew meaning “God is my salvation”
  21. Kai – Hawaiian meaning “sea”
  22. Kit – English meaning “pure”
  23. Luc – French meaning “light” (Luke)
  24. Lux – Latin meaning “light”
  25. Mac – Scottish meaning “son”
  26. Max – Latin meaning “greatest”
  27. Miles – Latin meaning “soldier”
  28. Moss – English meaning “born of God”
  29. Pax – Roman meaning “peace”
  30. Quinn – Irish meaning “chief”
  31. Ralph – English meaning “wolf-counsel”
  32. Reid – Scottish meaning “red”
  33. Rex – Latin meaning “King”
  34. Roman – Latin meaning “Rome”
  35. Sean – Irish meaning “God is gracious”
  36. Tate – English meaning “cheerful”
  37. Ted – Greek meaning “fortune”
  38. Will – English meaning “protector”
  39. Zach – Hebrew meaning “the lord remembers”
  40. Zayne – Hebrew meaning “God is gracious”

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