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classic girls names

40 Classic Girls’ Names That Still Feel Unique

You’re on the hunt for a name for your baby girl and you want it to feel traditional, but also trendy and cool. We’ve got you! We’ve rounded up our favourite classic girls’ names that feel timeless and sophisticated but still unique.

Choosing a timeless name doesn’t have to mean your baby girl will be one of many in the classroom, there are plenty of gorgeous traditional names that are under utilised.

Classic girls’ names are a great choice if you want to ensure that the name you choose will suit your baby girl from the newborn days through to childhood and adulthood. Some names sound great on a toddler, but less so on a forty-something. Other names are lovely on adults but can feel a bit jarring or ‘grown up’ on a little one.

It’s important to remember that your baby girl will grow into her name, so choose something you love and chances are it will suit her forever. Here are 40 of our favourite classic girls’ names and their meanings to get you started.

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classic girls names

40 Classic Girls’ Names That Still Feel Unique

  1. Abigail – Hebrew meaning “Father rejoice”
  2. Ada – German meaning “noble”
  3. Alexandra – Greek meaning “she saves the warriors”
  4. Amelia – German meaning “work”
  5. Beatrice – Latin meaning “she who brings happiness”
  6. Cecilia – Latin meaning “blind”
  7. Clara – Latin meaning “clear and bright”
  8. Clementine – Latin meaning “merciful”
  9. Daphne – Greek meaning “laurel tree”
  10. Dorothy – English meaning “God’s gift”
  11. Edith – English meaning “strive for wealth”
  12. Eliza – Hebrew meaning “pledged to God”
  13. Elodie – French meaning “foreign riches”
  14. Esther – Persian meaning “star”
  15. Felicity – Latin meaning “good fortune”
  16. Gabrielle – French meaning “God is my strength”
  17. Genevieve – French meaning “family woman”
  18. Georgia – English meaning “farmer”
  19. Harriet – German meaning “home ruler”
  20. Helena – Greek meaning “shining light”
  21. Jemima – Hebrew meaning “dove”
  22. Josephine – Hebrew meaning “Jehovah shall grow”
  23. Leah – Hebrew meaning “weary one”
  24. Lottie – English meaning “free”
  25. Lucy – English meaning “born at dawn”
  26. Lydia – Greek meaning “beautiful one”
  27. Mabel – English meaning “loveable”
  28. Martha – Aramaic meaning “lady”
  29. Matilda – German meaning “mighty in battle”
  30. Molly – English meaning “of the sea”
  31. Orla – Celtic meaning “golden princess”
  32. Penelope – Greek meaning “weaver”
  33. Ruby – Latin meaning “red”
  34. Serena – Latin meaning “tranquil”
  35. Scarlett – English meaning “red”
  36. Sophia – Greek meaning “wisdom”
  37. Tabitha – Aramaic meaning “gazelle”
  38. Violet – English meaning “purple flower”
  39. Vivian – Latin meaning “alive”
  40. Winnie – Welsh meaning “fair one”
classic girls names

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