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french boys names

40 Chic French-Inspired Boys’ Names

When it comes to names, the French are unsurprisingly chic. Whether you’re after something ultra traditional and classically French, are looking for a unique French boys name or simply want to draw inspiration from this European nation, there’s no doubt that French boys’ names have a certain je ne sais quoi. If English is your first language, you may find yourself worrying about accents and pronunciation.

However, lots of these French boys’ names can either be anglicised if you prefer, or are a Franco variant of names that you’ll already recognise. Perhaps you want to honour someone in your baby name choice – we think the French versions of Alan, Stephen and Matthew are particularly suave! Either way, there’s plenty of inspo to be had here!

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french boys names

40 Chic French Boys Names

  1. Alain – French form of Alan meaning “handsome.”
  2. Aldéric – derived from French-Canadian meaning “mighty.”
  3. Alphonse – (Alfie would be a cute nickname!) meaning “noble and ready.” 
  4. Ames – meaning “friend.”
  5. Beau – meaning “beautiful.”
  6. Blaise – meaning “stutter.”
  7. Cédric – meaning “kindly, loved.”
  8. Chase – meaning “to hunt.”
  9. Dax – French place name. 
  10. Dion – from Greek meaning “child of heaven and earth.”
  11. Elias – meaning “the God is my Lord.”
  12. Elliot – Biblical name meaning “believes in God.”
  13. Ethan – meaning “firm.”
  14. Etiene – French variant of Stephen meaning “crown.”
  15. Forest – meaning “woodsman.”
  16. Gabriel – meaning “God is strong” in Hebrew. (pronounced GA-BREE-YHEL)
  17. Guy – meaning “leader.”
  18. Harvey – meaning “warrior.”
  19. Henri – meaning “ruler.”
  20. Hugo – meaning “intellectual.”
  21. Jacques – French form of James or Jacob meaning “supplanter.”
  22. Laurent – meaning “bright, shining one.”
  23. Léo – meaning “lion.”
  24. Louis – meaning “famous warrior.” (pronounced LOO-EE)
  25. Luca – derived from Latin meaning “bringer of light.”
  26. Lyam – French form of Liam, meaning “protector.”
  27. Maël – meaning “prince.” (pronounced MY-ELL in English)
  28. Marshall – meaning “one who looks after horses.”
  29. Mathéo (sp; Matteo, Mateo) – derived from Matthew meaning “gift of God.”
  30. Maxime – meaning “greatest.”
  31. Mylan (sp; Milan, Milann, Milàn) – Old Slavic name meaning “gracious.”
  32. Olivier – meaning “olive tree.” (pronounced OLIV-EE-AY)
  33. Percy – from place name Perci-en-Auge meaning “pierces the valley.”
  34. Raoul – French variant of Ralph meaning “wolf counsel.”
  35. Rémy (sp; Remy, Remi) – meaning “oarsman.”
  36. Romain – meaning “Roman.”
  37. Sebastien – meaning “venerable.”
  38. Théo (sp; Theo) – from Theodore and Greek meaning “gift of God.”
  39. Valentin – meaning “strong.”
  40. Zacharie – from Hebrew meaning “God has remembered.”

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french boy names

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