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boho baby girl names

40 Boho, Earthy, Hippy Girls Names and Their Meanings

Boho girls names feel free-spirited and earthy whilst often remaining pretty and strong. For parents who want a unique (but not weird) choice for their new baby, leaning towards something inspired by nature or with bohemian ties can be the perfect choice. Although boho girls names are by their very nature unique, many are rising in popularity with names like Willow in the UK top 10 and Luna, Delilah, Iris and Summer all ranking in the top 100.

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40 Beautiful Boho Girls Names

  1. Amara – West African meaning “grace and mercy.”
  2. Birdie – English meaning “bird like.”
  3. Cassia – Greek meaning “cinnamon” or a beautiful golden flower.
  4. Clover – Old English meaning “key” or a flower name.
  5. Delilah – Hebrew meaning “delicate.”
  6. Elowen – Cornish meaning “elm.”
  7. Esi – West African meaning “God’s gift.”
  8. Fern – English meaning “fearn.”
  9. Flora – Latin meaning “flower.”
  10. Freya – Norse meaning “noble woman.” (You could also use the Scandi spelling; Freja!)
  11. Gaia – Greek meaning “rejoicing.”
  12. Haven – English meaning “safe harbour.”
  13. Hazel – English meaning “hazelnut tree.”
  14. Hero – Greek meaning “goddess, brave one of the people.”
  15. Imogen – Celtic meaning “maiden.”
  16. Juniper – Latin meaning “young.”
  17. Kaia – Green meaning “earth.”
  18. Lavender – English meaning “purple flower.”
  19. Leila – Arabic meaning “night beauty.”
  20. Lyric – Greek meaning “lyre.”
  21. Marigold – English meaning “yellow flower.”
  22. Meadow – American meaning “field of grass.”
  23. Noa – Hebrew meaning “motion.”
  24. Olive – Latin meaning “olive tree.”
  25. Ophelia – Greek meaning “help.”
  26. Orla – Irish meaning “golden princess.”
  27. Piper – English meaning “plays the pipe.”
  28. Posy – English meaning “bunch of flowers.”
  29. Rae – Scottish meaning “grace.”
  30. Reva – Indian meaning “star.” (ree-va)
  31. Saffron – English meaning “yellow flower.”
  32. Sage – English meaning “wise.”
  33. Shyla – Hindi meaning “daughter of the mountain.”
  34. Skye – Scottish place name from the “Isle of Skye.”
  35. Stella – Latin meaning “celestial star.”
  36. Tallulah – Native American meaning “leaping water.”
  37. Winter – German meaning “time of water” or associated with the season.
  38. Wren – English meaning “small bird.”
  39. Zahrah – Arabic meaning “blooming flower.”
  40. Zuri – East African meaning “beautiful.”

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