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boho boys names

40 Boho Boys Names & Their Meaning For Your Wild Child

If you’re looking for inspiration for boho boys names then we’ve rounded up some of our favourites. These unique baby names have an earthy feel, often drawing on nature. Hippie baby names are becoming more and more popular as free-spirited parents look to name their children something that feels both modern and bohemian. Boho boys names are particularly trendy with a crowd who might look to push away from more classic ‘Top 100’ style names. You’re unlikely to find other children on the class register sharing these quirky name choices!

Boho boys names tend to split opinions, unlike more timeless but cool classics. However, if you’re happy to choose a name that isn’t for everyone then there are some gorgeous, unusual indie baby names to choose from. The benefit of picking a boho boys name is that it feels fresh and different without necessarily being viewed as ‘weird’. You might find that a hippie baby name is best suited to your family and preferences in parenting and style too.

We tend to favour boho baby names with simple or obvious spellings to avoid choosing something which the child is going to have to constantly correct as they grow up. However, do be prepared that choosing a more unique name is likely to invite opinions and whilst yours is the only one that should matter, others (especially grandparents!) probably won’t be able to help themselves when it comes to sharing their view. You never need to defend your choice but you do need to be cool with your taste not being for everyone!

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40 Boho Boys Names That Are Earthy, Hippie and Free-Spirited

Lots of these names also make brilliant gender neutral baby name choices

  1. Amari – West African, Yoruba meaning ‘strength’
  2. Archer – English meaning ‘bow/arrow man’
  3. Arlo – English/Irish meaning ‘between two hills’
  4. Asher – Hebrew meaning ‘ash tree’ or ‘blessed’
  5. Aspen – American meaning ‘quaking tree’ or place name ‘Aspen, Colorado’
  6. Aster – Greek meaning ‘daisy-like flower’
  7. Atlas – Greek meaning ‘enduring’
  8. August – Latin from Augustus meaning ‘great, magnificent’
  9. Axel – Scandi meaning ‘my father is peace’
  10. Bear – English meaning ‘bear’
  11. Bodhi – Sanskrit meaning ‘enlightenment’
  12. Cassius – Latin meaning ‘hollow’
  13. Cove – English meaning ‘small coastal inlet’
  14. Deven – Indian meaning ‘divine’
  15. Felix – Latin meaning ‘happy’
  16. Forrest – English/Scottish meaning ‘forest’
  17. Griffin – Welsh meaning ‘fierce’
  18. Haven – English meaning ‘safe place’
  19. Huxley – English meaning ‘Hugh’s meadow’ or ‘outdoorsman’
  20. Indigo – Greek meaning ‘blue dye’
  21. Ishaan – Indian meaning ‘the sun’
  22. Jesse – Hebrew meaning ‘the Lord exists’
  23. Kai – Hawaiian meaning ‘sea’
  24. Kit – Greek or English derived from Christopher meaning ‘bearing Christ’
  25. Koa – Hawaiian meaning ‘warrior’
  26. Lennon – Irish Gaelic meaning ‘lover’
  27. Oakley – English meaning ‘oak trees’
  28. Phoenix – Greek meaning ‘dark red’
  29. Raif – Arabic meaning ‘kind, compassionate’
  30. Remy – French meaning ‘oarsman’
  31. River – English meaning ‘river’
  32. Rowan – Scottish meaning ‘red head’ or ‘rowan tree’
  33. Sage – Latin meaning ‘wise and knowing’
  34. Shiloh – Hebrew meaning ‘His gift’
  35. Sonny – English meaning ‘son’ or sunny ‘like the sun’
  36. Soren – Scandi meaning ‘stern’
  37. Wilder – English meaning ‘untamed’
  38. Wolf – German meaning ‘wolf’
  39. Wren – English meaning ‘small bird’
  40. Zane – Swahili meaning ‘noble’

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40 Boho Boys Names

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