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40 Arabic Baby Names with Meanings | Muslim Baby Names

When it comes to choosing an Arabic baby name, Muslims often prioritise the meaning rather than the name itself. As Arabic baby names have traditional Islamic roots, Muslims tend to opt for baby names that have derived from the holy book, the Quran, or have a beautiful meaning in the Arabic language. This is because they believe that the baby will inherit the meaning or traits of the historic figure behind the name chosen.

Whether you are looking for a beautiful Arabic baby name with a meaningful interpretation or need Islamic baby name ideas for your little one, we’ve rounded up 40 of our favourite Muslim baby names for girls and boys and their meanings.

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20 Arabic Girls’ Names

  1. Aaliya (عليا) – Beauty and empowering
  2. Aiyla (أيلة) – Moonlight
  3. Ammarah (عمارة) – Steadfast and strong
  4. Ayah (آية) – A Sign of God’s existence
  5. Basma (باسما) – Smile
  6. Dina (دينا) – Love
  7. Farah (​​فَرَح) – Happiness and joy
  8. Huda (هُدى) – Right guidance
  9. Imaan (إيمان) – Faith
  10. Inayah (عناية) – Care
  11. Jameelah (جميله) – Beautiful
  12. Layla (ليلة) – Night
  13. Liyana (لينا) – Softness and tenderness
  14. Malaikah (ملائكه) – Angel
  15. Naailah (نايلة) – Earner and winner
  16. Raysa (ريسا) – Easy-going, leader and queen
  17. Safa (صفاء) – Clarity and serenity
  18. Safiya (صفية) – Pure
  19. Zara (زارہ) – Princess, shining, light
  20. Zoya (زويا) – Fragrance of Heaven

20 Arabic Boys’ Names

  1. Adam (آدم) – The first being that God created, the first Prophet in Islam
  2. Adnan (عدنان) – Settler or ‘one who will settle for a long time’
  3. Amir (اَمير) – Prince
  4. Ali (عَلِيّ) – High, elevated and champion
  5. Bilal (بيلال) – Victorious
  6. Daniyal (دانيال) – Intellectual
  7. Esa (عِيسَى) – Name of the Prophet, Jesus in Islam
  8. Haaris (هاريس) – Vigilant
  9. Hamzah (مزة) – Lion or strong
  10. Muhammed (مُحَمَّد) – The Prophet’s name or praiseworthy
  11. Naeem (نايم) – Happiness, comfort and ease
  12. Nabeel (نبيل) – Noble
  13. Rayyan (ريّان) – Luxurious or plentiful
  14. Sameer (سمير) – Holy, loyal or charming
  15. Umar (عمر) – Flourishing
  16. Uwais (عويس) – Compensate or gift
  17. Yusuf (يوسف) – ‘God gives’ or ‘God increases’
  18. Yahya (يحيى) – ‘He lives’
  19. Zaid (زيد) – Master
  20. Zakariya (زَكَرِيَّا) – ‘God has remembered’

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