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1920's girl names

40 Vintage 1920’s Girl Names We’d Use in 2022

If you’re expecting a baby (or just browsing for inspo to go on your phone notes list – we see you!) and you’re in to vintage girl names then we’ve got the post for you! We’ve been inspired by beautiful 1920’s girls names that we would totally use in 2022. Bringing back these golden oldies is a lovely nod to the past, a chance to honour a loved one and a brilliant way to find unique vintage girl names for your little one that feels timeless too.

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1920's girl names to use in 2022: vintage baby name ideas
1920’s girl names: vintage baby names we love!

40 Vintage 1920’s Girl Names We’d Use in 2022

  1. Ada, German meaning ‘noble one’
  2. Audrey, English meaning ‘noble strength’
  3. Beatrice, Latin meaning ‘voyager’
  4. Bonnie, Scottish meaning ‘pretty’
  5. Clara, Latin meaning ‘bright’
  6. Cleo, Greek meaning ‘celebrated one’
  7. Constance, French meaning ‘steadfastness’ – Connie
  8. Dorothy, English meaning ‘Gift of God’ – sweet nicknames include Dotty, Dolly and Dora
  9. Edith, English meaning ‘blessed’
  10. Elsie, Scottish meaning ‘pledged to God’
  11. Eloise, English meaning ‘healthy one’
  12. Evelyn, English meaning ‘wished for’ (Ev-eh-lyn)
  13. Florence, Latin meaning ‘blossoming’
  14. Frances, Latin meaning ‘free one’
  15. Geneva, French meaning ‘juniper tree’ (almost died out; what a cool one to bring back!)
  16. Hattie, German meaning ‘home’
  17. Hazel, English meaning ‘hazel tree’
  18. Jessie, Hebrew meaning ‘the Lord exists’
  19. Josephine, Hebrew meaning ‘Jehovah increases’
  20. June, Latin meaning ‘young’
  21. Lillian, Latin meaning ‘lily flower; purity’
  22. Lois, Greek meaning ‘most beautiful’
  23. Lottie, French meaning ‘little’
  24. Lucille, French meaning ‘light’
  25. Lula, English meaning ‘famous warrior’
  26. Lydia, Greek meaning ‘beautiful one’
  27. Mable, Latin meaning ‘loveable’
  28. Maggie, English from Margaret meaning ‘pearl’
  29. Martha, Aramaic meaning ‘lady’
  30. Minnie, English meaning ‘of the sea’
  31. Nancy, Hebrew meaning ‘grace’
  32. Nellie, Greek meaning ‘sun ray’
  33. Pearl, English meaning ‘pearl’
  34. Rosemary, Latin meaning ‘dew of the sea’
  35. Ruby, Latin meaning ‘deep red precious stone’
  36. Ruth, Hebrew meaning ‘compassionate friend’
  37. Sadie, Hebrew meaning ‘princess’
  38. Stella, Latin meaning ‘celestial star’
  39. Sylvia, Latin meaning ‘woods; forest’
  40. Violet, Latin meaning ‘purple flower’
African American Baby  Lying - 1920's girl name ideas vintage baby names
Vintage 1920’s baby girl name ideas

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