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best babymoon destinations

24 Perfect Babymoon Destinations by Month

What is a babymoon? A babymoon is a holiday that you take as a couple when you’re pregnant, before your baby arrives. Making the effort to plan and execute a babymoon prior to welcoming your new arrival is an amazing idea. Taking time to connect with your partner and soak up those baby free lie-ins and time to yourselves can go a long way to sustaining your energy levels ahead of the big day. It’s also a FABULOUS excuse for a holiday! Here are our top 24 amazing babymoon destinations by month, to suit your due date!

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Destination 1 | Iceland


What could be better than shaking off the post-festive blues by watching the Northern Lights. During the off-peak season, it’s less crowded so you can adventure through a winter wonderland or explore majestic ice caves in peace. If taking it a little easier is your thing, cosy up in the spa or simply enjoy the fabulous food on offer!

Destination 2 | Marrakech

Even though the locals will be wrapped up warm, don’t let that deceive you, it’s actually still warm in Marrakech in January at a balmy 20°C during the day. You can comfortably stroll around the Medina without sweating buckets unlike the more traditional months of November and April, and get great deals on gorgeous riads too.


Destination 3 | Paris

Where better to celebrate a new life than the city of love?! A complete no-brainer if you coincide your trip over Valentine’s Day. Whilst the weather may not be much better than the UK there are plenty of bistros to cosy up in and a multitude of museums and galleries to spend your time indoors in. Paris is actually livelier in the winter than the summer as many businesses tend to shut up shop when the temperatures start to climb. 

Destination 4 | Cape Town

If you’re after a long haul destination to guarantee you some much needed winter sunshine, delicious food, breathtaking scenery and bucket list wildlife, South Africa is your answer. Whilst you won’t be able to indulge in the wine route, safari tours are generally seen as safe for pregnant travellers. 


Destination 5 | Amsterdam


Visiting at the end of this month really is a blooming lovely idea. The iconic tulips that the Netherlands are famous for burst into colour at the end of March. Wander round cobbled streets and then sit and rest with a cool drink beside picture-perfect canals. You can even take the weight off your feet and explore via bicycle! 

Destination 6 | Kyoto

Another floral spectacular not to be missed is cherry blossom – or Sakura – season in Japan. Join the locals in the traditional custom of hanami by gathering beneath the swathes of pink flowers for picnics and outdoor celebrations.  


Destination 7 | Venice

Venice in April is perfect if you want to soak up the culture (and let’s be real. the pasta) without the crowds. The Carnevale festivities are over so the city will be fairly quiet as long as you don’t book over the Easter break. Daytime temperatures are a pleasant 16° C. Just don’t forget to pack layers for the evening as they do tend to get below 10°C overnight. 

Destination 8 | Mauritius

if you’re looking for palm fringed beaches and crisp white sands then look no further. Soak up the sun, sea and sumptuous scenery with coral reefs, lagoons, forests and mountains. The island is surprisingly small and if you hire a car you can cross it in just over an hour. Perfect for discovering hidden spots. Mauritius has never had Zika virus, making it a worry-free babymoon destination.


Destination 9 | Tenerife

In spring, the party island is surprisingly mellow. If you want wall to wall spring sunshine, Tenerife has to be a strong candidate. The weather is perfect for sunbathing and swimming but the atmosphere is relaxed and laid back unlike the peak summer months. 

Destination 10 | Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is on many bucket lists and for good reason. The dramatic coastline and fortified city walls are unforgettable at any time of year but are especially seductive in May. You can explore the mediaeval old town and ‘Game Of Thrones’ location spot to your heart’s content before the summer crowds pile in and the temperatures really ramp up.


Destination 11 | Barcelona

Sunshine, a city break and the sea all in one! Breathe in the gothic architecture, the lines of incredible shops and the city beaches with temperatures that are pleasant enough for gentle sightseeing. If you’re looking for an incredible view, sip some non-alcoholic cocktails at the W Hotel – just note their dress code policy: no shorts! 

Destination 12 | Ibiza

The glory of the White Isle is unmatched in the med and if you’re desperate to visit but don’t want to get caught up in ‘the season’ then June is the time to book that flight. Whether you’re taking in the sights of the Old Town or watching the world renowned sunsets, pre-party season Ibiza is just heavenly.


Destination 13 | Greek Islands

No this isn’t one specific location recommendation because quite frankly they’re all stunning in their own right! The region as a whole is a must-visit and every Greek island is similar yet wonderfully different. In July the water is warm, the beaches are quieter than in August and whether you stay on Naxos, Santorini or Mykonos, there’s something for all tastes. 

Destination 14 | Cornwall

Who said you need to get on a plane to go on a babymoon?! The summer has arrived and the UK has some wonderful staycation options at this time of year. So if you’re past the ‘no fly’ date or simply want to stay a little closer to home, pop your toes in the sand and indulge in those glorious cream teas!


Destination 15 | The Algarve

The jewel in Portugal’s crown isn’t just for golfers looking for perfect weather without travelling too far. The mid-20s temperatures make this a beautiful climate to enjoy without the harshness of other places in Europe. The food, drink and whitewashed seaside villages make for the perfect backdrop.

Destination 16 | Majorca

Think tapas, endless restaurant options and perfect beach picnic spots. Majorca is a fab babymoon destination and with the Spanish’s love of family you’re sure to be welcomed enthusiastically wherever you go! 


Destination 17 | Bali

If you’re happy to put up with the (long) flight to get there Bali really is a complete paradise. Often described as the last ‘garden of eden’ and with good reason. Majestic waterfalls and mysterious jungles meet  beautiful beaches and the humidity is at its lowest point. You won’t believe the sunsets!

Destination 18 | Tuscany

Now we understand you might be thinking – why on EARTH would you recommend I go to the capital of some of the best wines in the world when I can’t drink them but hear us out. The landscape, culture and cuisine of this beautiful place is nothing short of breathtaking, plus you don’t have a hangover the day after that vineyard tour.


Destination 19 | Sri Lanka

Possibly one of the more ‘active’ suggestions on this list but if you’re feeling up for it, it’s definitely worth the effort. Renowned as a place to adventure, hiking and exploring the national parks come highly recommended. If that sounds all too much like hard work, lounging on a deserted beach should do the trick.

Destination 20 | Dubai

Potentially the best of both worlds – city living and beach life. The almost unbearable summer heat has waned making this a great time to experience everything this man-made extravaganza has to offer. 


Destination 21 | Nice

Sunny days and clear skies with few tourists make November a surprisingly good time to visit  Nice, on the French riviera. Stroll along the Promenade des Anglais without drowning in your own sweat and watch the twinkling blue of the Med. Average daytime temperatures are around 16 degrees, perfect for travellers who don’t like raging heat but want somewhere warmer than the UK!

Destination 22 | New Zealand

Often referred to as a ‘once in a lifetime’ trip, November marks the start of the summer for New Zealand. If you’re feeling nomadic, hire a motor-home and take some time to explore both the north and south island or take it slow and drink in the scenery. This may be one to enjoy earlier in your pregnancy as the flight is long and the pace of life active. Stop off via Hong Kong for foodie delights!


Destination 23 | Berlin

The home of Christmas markets! Delicious snacks, rides for any existing little ones and a huge range of gifts on sale mean you can even get your Christmas shopping ticked off the list. 

Destination 24 |  New York

Embrace your inner Home Alone and head to the most festive city on the planet. The famous Christmas tree at the Rockefeller Centre will have you frantically redesigning yours and you’ll absolutely need to pay for excess baggage on the way back. Totally worth it don’t you think?

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