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10 Ways to Keep Your Baby Cool in the Heat

Heatwaves or summer holidays can be glorious but when you’ve got a little one to think about, you might feel quite stressed by the heat. Not only is it important to keep your baby cool in hot weather, they can also become fractious and harder to settle. If you’re wondering how to cool a baby down then read on for our top tips to keep your baby cool in hot weather.

  1. Run a muslin under cold water

To keep your baby cool in hot weather, strip them down to their nappy and then lay a cool, wet muslin over their skin.

  1. Play in the shade

It’s important that babies under the age of six months are not exposed to the sun. Thankfully, there are lots of great shade options available so you can still enjoy being outdoors if you want to. Depending on the age of your baby, you can also get a shaded play space with a paddling pool attached! Perfect for those who can sit and above.

  1. Keep the blinds closed during the day

It might seem counter intuitive, but keeping blinds shut during the day (leave a gap to allow air flow) will stop the sun heating up the room quite as much.

  1. Use a fan

Clip on fans are a great way to keep your baby cool in hot weather when you’re on the go and you can also pop one in their bedroom or sleeping space at night, just set it to an oscillating mode and ensure it’s not directly pointed at them.

  1. Up their fluids

Breastfed babies do not need any water, even in hot weather. However they may up their feeds so do feed on demand even if you feel like you only *just* fed them. We know, it’s hot and sweaty for you too, Mama. Try laying a cold muslin over the two of you.

If you’re formula feeding, you can give baby a little cooled boiled water as well as their usual bottles. They may also want more milk than usual.

If your little one is older than six months then keep your baby cool in hot weather by offering them regular sips of water, diluted juice or ice lollies!

  1. Don’t be tempted to cover the pram with a blanket or muslin – buy a proper UV shade

Covering a pram with a muslin can actually make the internal space dangerously hot. Thankfully you can buy a whole range of universal pram shades in different styles to suit any model. If your little one needs dark to nap on the go then the SnoozeShade is an excellent choice as it also blocks 97.5% of UV and is safety tested. 

  1. Make homemade ice lollies

If your little one is old enough to enjoy an ice lolly then they’re a great way to keep your baby cool in hot weather. You can make a smoothie, dilute fruit juice, mix coconut water with fruit or even freeze breastmilk! You just need some ice lolly moulds perfect for little hands. 

  1. Run a cool bath before bed time

If you’re stuck for how to cool a baby down, a cool bath is always a good idea. Before bed it will help to chill them out (literally!) at the end of a hot day. 

  1. Dress them appropriately at night

The GroEgg of doom is glowing red at you, you’ve got a fan on, the window open, there’s just nothing else you can do to cool that room down. We feel you. Keep clothing and layers to a minimum to help keep your baby cool in hot weather. If it’s really hot, just a nappy and a thin sleeping bag is plenty. We love these ones made of light, breathable muslin. If your little one is happy to sleep without covers then you could opt for just a vest or a pair of thin summer pyjamas.

  1. Sun safe accessories at the ready

If your little one is over 6 months or shade just isn’t always possible then make sure you’ve got an army of sun safe accessories ready to keep your baby cool in hot weather and protected from harmful UV rays. We love full body UV suits, sun hats that protect their neck too, adorable little sunglasses and baby-safe sun cream

Remember if your baby or child is showing signs of dehydration or heat stroke it’s important to follow NHS advice and take them to the GP, call 111 or go to A&E depending on urgency. If in doubt, always seek urgent medical advice.

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