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gender neutral nursery ideas

10 Gender Neutral Nursery Ideas

If you’re planning on having a delivery room surprise or just prefer a more gender neutral approach to having a baby, you’re probably looking for gorgeous gender neutral nursery ideas! Whether you’re going for a beautiful boho or scrumptiously Scandi vibe, modern, versatile spaces full of gender neutral touches have never been more chic.

If you’re wondering how to choose the right look for your new family, we’ve rounded up our top ten tips on how to create your perfect gender neutral nursery ahead of your little one’s arrival.

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  1. Minimalism

An obvious but oh so effective choice for the perfect gender neutral nursery. Bright and modern, a minimalist nursery emphasises clean lines, tonal colours, and natural textures. Try an oversized rug with a subtle pattern to bring the drama without compromising the understated look.  Just make sure you have excellent storage solutions to keep clutter at bay. 

Credit: @marylauren
  1. Boho baby

Effortlessly timeless, a boho inspired nursery is a style that is sure to go the distance and through multiple children, should you choose. It’s fresh, modern, and entirely personal as it allows for eclectic pieces and earthy tones to take centre stage. Think natural woods, cosy textures, woven fabrics, and a host of natural plants to keep everything soft in this gender neutral nursery. 

Credit: Inspired By This

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  1. Keep it playful

Clean white walls and simple decor put the emphasis on special objects and imaginative play. Open shelving, easy access storage solutions and reachable hooks or book racks allow your little one to play independently. This type of gender neutral nursery evolves with your little one as they grow up; a big win in our book!

Credit: Ida Heinmert
  1. Bring the outside in

Taking inspiration from the natural world is one of the easiest ways to create a beautifully bespoke gender neutral nursery. Nature is so soothing, it makes perfect sense to incorporate it into what will hopefully be a calm and nurturing space within your home. Whether it’s the mountains, woodland or an island paradise, include easily recognisable touch points whilst keeping the colour palette soft and natural. Wallpaper is a great way to get this theme nailed. 

Credit: The Ditzy Bird Studio
  1. Monochrome

Black and white creates such a pleasingly calm aesthetic whilst also giving a nod to current interior trends. It provides dramatic contrast whilst still remaining soft and with little one’s only seeing in black and white for the first three months of their lives, a monochromatic gender neutral nursery theme is sure to be a hit from the get-go.

Credit: Winter Daisy
  1. Embrace pattern

Colour too ‘much’ for your liking? Playing with patterns is a really understated way to create a sense of fun in a gender neutral nursery. Incorporating different yet complementary patterns in different mediums, such as a wallpapered accent wall, or a large rug and cushions creates impact without the need to tie yourself to a particular colour scheme. Just make sure not to go too overboard; try to stick to two or three different patterns to keep it looking like a considered design decision.

Credit: Project Nursery
  1. Make a statement

If you’re not afraid of injecting some colour into your baby’s nursery, then why not go all out with a statement wall? Opting for a bold colour that’s still within your gender neutral nursery vision, like navy, green or yellows and oranges, can become the focal point of the space. This nursery is all about the dark statement wall which is then complimented by neutral tones to make sure nothing fights with the focus. It’s impactful, incredibly simple and cost effective.

Credit: @juudithhome
  1. Mother Earth

If you’re a fan of a subtle approach but are itching to put something other than white, cream, or grey on the walls, then a soft mossy green or muted sage is a complete winner. This colour base is so versatile it goes with practically any other colour and makes a beautiful alternative to more neutral ‘greige’ territories. If you’re looking for more of a theme for your gender neutral nursery, you could opt for something like safari, woodland or under the sea with tones like this.

Credit: DIY in PDX
  1. Rainbow baby

Fancy making a real splash? Introducing no holds-barred rainbow colour to a neutral blank canvas can really make an impact without compromising your gender neutral nursery vision. Colour is a key part of your little one’s visual and cognitive development so why not include it as much as possible in their own space? This is also a fabulous way to celebrate bringing a baby home after a previous loss. 

Credit: @magic_w0man

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  1. Metallics

Metallics are a beautiful way to inject fun into a gender neutral nursery whilst keeping it classic. A subtle silver or gold dotted wallpaper with rich tonal accessories is the perfect way to brighten up an all-white or light grey space.  

Credit: Polished Jade